Digital Device Examination

Quantum Forensic Investigation offers a wide range of services to examine any de

Legal Professionals Specific

Quantum Forensic Investigations provides a service where by we will make contact

Digital Surveillance

Quantum Forensic Investigations offer a wide range of legal surveillance options

Security Assessment

Quantum Forensic Investigations offers a complete solutions to security assessme

Expert Data Analysis

Quantum Forensic Investigations offer professional analysis of mobile/cell phone

Expert Court Witness

Quantum Forensic Investigations offers expert witnesses in the fields of data an

IT Security Training

Quantum Forensic Investigations provide professionals to teach you or members of your staff in the science & art of IT Security.


Quantum investigations offers an eDiscovery service for small to medium businesses where electronic data is required as evidence for a legal case.

Virus/Malware Cleaning & Security Breech Analysis

Quantum offers a service to ensure all your devices are virus/malware free as well as offering a post breech analysis and repair to ascertain