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Quantum Forensic Investigations offer a wide variety of Cyber-Crime, Digital Forensic & IT Security Services from physical to digital security assessments, computer & network analysis, antivirus, anti malware analysis as well as forensic & digital analysis on a wide range of static and mobile devices at very competitive rates.

Quantum Forensic Investigations has only Quality professionals in Cyber Security, Computer and Mobile phone forensics. We also conduct professional security assessments of your company or clients’ needs by an experts in Cyber Security & Digital Forensics.

If you have a digital device that you wished to know more about or ensure is safe we can complete full assessments of ALL your electronic devices. Including services such as Computer Forensic Analysis, Digital Searches, Cell Phone Analysis, Covert Surveillance, CCTV Analysis, Online Analysis, Email Analysis, Expert Court Witness Testimony & a wide range of other Forensic & IT Security related services.


Quantum Forensic Investigations offers online support for your queries and confidential requirement needs. All matters are completed with the strictest of confidence and with the highest level of professionalism using the most up to date technology on the market.

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Quantum have a wide variety of products mainly used by the professionals but equipment can be purchased from us for your investigation needs. Products such as Computer Security Software, Listening and Video recording equipment, GPS equipment as well as Cell phone analysis products and online analysis tools and applications.

We offer clients services the opportunity to purchase or rent this equipment through us for your own needs. Please allow 10-21 days for shipping or if this item is required urgently please make contact with our sales team and let them know before ordering the item.

A wide variety of equipment will be offered from this site soon.


“My name is Luis Dee Rey based in New York City, USA. I have worked with Colin on a number of projects and I have found his work outstanding. Colin is able to produce the results…

Luis Dee Rey

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We give you more than security we give you confidence

“I have worked with Colin from Quantum Forensic Investigations for over 5 years and I have found his work to be second to none, highly approachable and he always produces amazing results”

Seamus Gallagher Ex Garda Sergeant and Security Consultant –  www.securityadvice.ie

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